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Athletic Fleece Lined Technical Hoodie
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This 100% cotton, fleece-lined, fully custom hoodie comes with a reflective zippered kangaroo front pock, an ultra soft fleece lining, and a modern cut.  

This limited edition hoodie campaign will start on March 19th and run until April 19th. Once the campaign has ended, it will take around 15-20 days to produce the hoodie and orders will be shipped out by late May and delivered to doorsteps shortly thereafter!

If we cannot fund 200 hoodies by the deadline, all participant's pre-order payments will be refunded immediately!


-Size Guide

M YOUTH 26 42.5 16.5
L YOUTH 26.8 44.1 17.3
S 27.6 45.7 18.1
M 28.3 47.2 18.9
L 29.1 48.8 19.7
XL 29.9 50.4 20.5